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A Shade of Myself (Magic After Midlife #4) Ebook

A Shade of Myself (Magic After Midlife #4) Ebook

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Vanquisher of evil. Wrangler of offspring. Seriously in need of a coffee.

Miriam Feldman’s life is happily bobbing along. Her family and close friends support her magic and things are getting interesting with the wolf shifter. But smooth sailing turns to shark-infested waters when she plumbs the dark depths of her past to investigate her parents’ last con.

Being chum was never on her bucket list.

In comparison, Miri’s new assignment should be easy: track down a demon to check a necklace for dark magic. Of course, nothing about demons is simple and she finds herself forced to strike hard bargains with both demon hunters and an ancient vampire. Awesome.

The farther out she drifts seeking answers, the tighter she’s caught in a net of secrets, lies, and deadly revelations. And this time, she might not break free.

Just keep swimming…

Featuring a slow burn shifter romance and a smart older heroine, this clever mix of urban fantasy and mystery will take you on a wild ride.

Gah, I love this author. The. Best. Snarky. Dialog. Mistress of the smashing comeback, we need more interaction between Miri and Eli. Thanks for giving us Miri, our very own Jewish Avenger. Her mouth is her weapon. Great mystery, storyline is the bomb with her insane interaction with all the side characters, and Laurent. You gotta read this series, it's so good.” – Helen Wawrejko

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