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The Nava Katz Short Story Collection

The Nava Katz Short Story Collection

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FOUR sexy short stories from the POVs of your favorite Unlikeable Demon Hunter men!

SLAY (Nava Katz, #1.5)
Rohan’s POV. 
On the trail of a serpent demon after hours at a swimming pool, things get hot and wet between Rohan and Nava.

CRUSH (Nava Katz, #2.5)
Drio’s POV. 
While closing in on a child-eating demon, Drio crosses paths with a woman who may just out-play him. 

SEIZE (Nava Katz, #3.5)
Rohan’s POV.
A summer’s night. A cursed diamond. A deadly demon encounter that unlocks deep desires. 

LICK (Nava Katz, #4.5)
Ari's POV.
A deadly last stand leads to an explosive encounter that threatens to destroy everything. (m/m romance)

Curl up with the Brotherhood now!

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