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A Shade Too Far (Magic After Midlife #3) Paperback

A Shade Too Far (Magic After Midlife #3) Paperback

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This book is digitally signed by the author. 

Enjoy a sneak peek.

When Miri steals a demon artifact for a client, she doesn't expect a magic curse. Failure to reverse it means the death of someone close to her, the end of her uneasy alliance with the head vampire, and open season on her family. So that sucks.

Meanwhile, her screw-up on a dangerous fact-finding mission may have kicked her sexual tension with the wolf shifter in the balls. At least she’s not obsessing over it, since fighting through a maze of mind games, tested loyalties, and secrets is consuming all her energy.

Glass half-full, right?

Now armed with her trusty to-do list, she’s determined to multitask her way to victory like a magic badass. 

Yaas, Queen.

Featuring a slow burn shifter romance and a smart older heroine, this clever mix of urban fantasy and mystery will take you on a wild ride.

“With every book this series gets funnier and even more exciting. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Miriam gets into next. It's definitely worth a read.” – Melanie
“Its not everyday that an author can make you laugh so hard you almost pee your pants, then a couple chapters later bawling your eyes out. But Deborah Wilde manages it just fine. This series should be the top of everybody's tbr list."

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