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Bent Out of Shade (Magic After Midlife #6) Audiobook

Bent Out of Shade (Magic After Midlife #6) Audiobook

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Miriam Feldman’s road to happiness is littered with potholes.

Between her search for a vampire’s missing fiancée and getting answers about a creepy amulet tied to her parents’ murders, Miri is making enemies across the whole supernatural spectrum. Fun! Meanwhile, her daughter is acting out, and teen attitude is sooo delightful when you throw magic into the mix.

Then there’s that business with the Leviathan, but she’s embracing positivity—even when it involves a sea monster. Her ascent up the ladder as a magic fixer is on track, and she’s got a first date with a certain sexy French wolf shifter to look forward to.

It’s pedal to the metal as she outruns and outplays deadly opponents set on revenge.

Featuring a slow burn shifter romance and a smart older heroine, this clever mix of urban fantasy and mystery will take you on a wild ride.

“She hits it out of the park on this one!” – Lisbb13

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