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Howl at the Moon (World of the Jezebel Files #1) Paperback

Howl at the Moon (World of the Jezebel Files #1) Paperback

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Dr. Raisa Montefiore has based her life on science, but at the moment, only three facts are relevant: A) werewolves don’t exist, B) she may have created the one standing in front of her, C) revisit fact A.

She’s a magic scientist with a mission to heal, but when her passion project is twisted to create the world’s first wolf shifter and her entire world comes crashing down, she’s thrown from the lab and onto a path filled with changing—and dangerous—unknowns.

With her life’s research on the line, she’s forced to work with the wolf, an infuriating man who was bossy enough before he went furry. Worse still is their cover story: fake dating. Their deadly pursuers are looking pretty good in comparison. 

She’s trusting the Big Bad Wolf to protect her from the perils of the forest, while hoping he’s not the biggest danger of them all. Or that she wont give in to the urge to throw his corpse in a vat of strong acid, leaving no trace of his remains.

Either way, Raisa is redeeming her life’s work and no man—or wolf—is going to stop her.

Love, danger, and magic collide in this action-packed urban fantasy featuring witty banter, a shifter romance, and a clever Red Riding Hood retelling.

"Entertaining, funny and thoroughly well written. Don’t miss this gem." -Paula L.

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