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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Sting (Nava Katz #2) Paperback

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Sting (Nava Katz #2) Paperback

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This book is digitally signed by the author.

Enjoy a sneak peek.

50% boobs.
50% sarcasm.
100% new breed of hunter.

After a bumpy start as the only female demon hunter in the top secret Brotherhood of David, Nava heads to Prague for her first undercover mission: unmasking a demon movie star.

She’d be all kinds of thrilled if it weren’t for the fact that her fellow hunter-with-benefits, Rohan, has reclaimed his rock star status and assigned Nava the role of groupie.

Rejecting her “be a good girl and follow orders” directive, Nava unleashes an alter ego guaranteed to hook their celebrity target and drive Rohan crazy.

No downside–until she finds herself up against Rohan’s past, the Brotherhood’s antiquated thinking, and her own identity issues, turning her personal life into a bomb that could blow up the entire operation.

Sparkly and deadly; it’s a plan.

Featuring a snarky heroine, kickass action, and spicy romance, this laugh-out-loud, deliciously addictive series sucker-punches you in the heart when you're not looking.

“Chock full of complicated and total visual butt-kicking, sensual push and pull swoons, crass clever and crude hilarity ... STING -- book two in the Nava Katz series -- was a definite win for me and a solid follow up to book one. No middle book syndrome here, folks!” – HJ

“My favorite urban fantasy series so far this year.” – Uncaged Book Reviews

Fall into bed with a demon hunter and read all night!

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