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Throwing Shade (Magic after Midlife #1) Audiobook

Throwing Shade (Magic after Midlife #1) Audiobook

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Miriam Feldman is ditching her shapewear and finally letting her magic fly free.

When Miri­ was a teen, her parents were murdered by magic assassins. These days, her aggressively normal existence as a law librarian at a boring firm has excellent medical insurance and won’t get her daughter killed. 

But when her bestie, her ride-or-die, gets tangled up with some vampires and goes missing, Miriam unleashes the rare and powerful shadow magic she’s kept hidden.

It’s heady, liberating—and totally dangerous. 

Now in a race against time to save her friend, this single mom is descending into the spiderweb of the secret supernatural community where not knowing the rules is a fast-track to a painful end. 

Her guide? A grumpy French wolf shifter with a particular set of skills, a baffling drive to protect Miri at all costs, and the infuriating habit of constantly disagreeing with her. He may mock her To-Do lists, but he’s learned firsthand that her shadow magic literally packs a hell of a punch.

The tricky thing about shadows, though, is the past casts a long one, and if Miri isn’t careful, those magic assassins will come back for the one who got away­­­—­and she’ll lose everything.

Featuring a slow burn shifter romance and a smart older heroine, this clever mix of urban fantasy and mystery will take you on a wild ride. 

“I was laughing so hard in places I felt like I couldn't breathe!”

“This book is a must for PWF, and all fans of smart, snarky, heroines who never give up and don't take, "No", for an answer!” – Lawmom

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