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Ace of Shades (Magic After Midlife #7) Audiobook

Ace of Shades (Magic After Midlife #7) Audiobook

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Gehenna isn’t on Google Maps and there’s no Angel Annihilation for Dummies. To Miriam Feldman, list lover extraordinaire, this is an irritating oversight.

It’s fine. She’s got this mission under control. Sure, her instructions are vague, and her team is trigger-happy, but she’s got plenty of motivation to carry them to victory.

Vengeance counts, right?

Plus, if ridding the world of celestial menaces doesn’t top up Miri’s karmic bank, then stopping a vampire contagion will definitely earn her some good will. 

Unless it gets her killed. That’s a distinct possibility. 

One which she refuses to worry about since she’s got her shiny new relationship with a sexy wolf shifter to enjoy. And honestly, his family dysfunction is making hers look pretty damn insignificant.

How’s that for positive thinking? She’s going to nail this.

Happily-ever-after, here she comes. 

Ace of Shades, the thrilling finale, features a later in life romance, a heart-pounding mystery, and a magical midlife urban fantasy adventure.

“This was a hell of a epic end to a series that I have been so devoted to!!! I Highly Recommend!!” – Melani B.

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