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Demon on Deck (Bedeviled AF #2) | Audiobook

Demon on Deck (Bedeviled AF #2) | Audiobook

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“I don’t want you calm. I never have.” Ezra’s lips curled up into a smile with sharp edges and no warmth, his fangs peeking through. “I want you dangerous.”

When Aviva lands a baffling murder investigation, she discovers that the key to solving the crime lies in the last place she expects—a deadly magic gaming hall aboard a freaking yacht. Because why solve a supernatural murder on nice solid ground?   While she navigates this high-stakes inquiry on the high-seas, she’s also hunting a mysterious artifact. Should it fall into the wrong hands, it’s game over for any half-demons—like her.   No pressure.   But here’s the real storm on the horizon. Her ex-lover and partner-in-crime, Ezra, is still in the picture. Sparks are flying, and not the good kind. Well, not always. Old wounds and smoldering desires have resurfaced, and she’s not sure if she’ll sink or swim.   Bon voyage.

Featuring a smart, funny heroine and a banter-fueled vampire romance, this wickedly addictive urban fantasy will keep you reading way past bedtime.

"OMG I loved this. A paranormal, urban fantasy read that draws you in from the very start and holds on tight as we jump on board this ride."   -Debbie E.

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